Diablo IV Preview

A hell of a good time

By Will Greenwald

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The Bottom Line

Based on the beta, Diablo IV looks like a fun, faithful chapter in the seminal hack-and-loot series, with loads of bloody action spread across a large world.

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  • Familiar, satisfying gameplay loop
  • Large, open-world areas are less linear than in past games
  • Skill trees enable multiple play styles
  • Highly detailed graphics


  • Bleak, muted colors
  • Occasionally chugs
  • Overworld lacks randomization

Diablo is back. The hack-and-loot series recently received a mobile spin-off with Diablo Immortal, as well as a spiffy Diablo II remaster, but its last proper mainline game was Diablo III in 2012. Video games have changed and grown since then, but as Borderlands, Destiny, and other “looter-shooter” titles have taught us, there’s always room for a gameplay loop that involves killing enemies to get equipment to kill bigger enemies to get better equipment. Diablo IV ($69.99) adheres to that formula and adds improved visuals, many character customization options, and smart gameplay polish. The promising PC game (also available on PlayStation 4/5, and Xbox One/Series X/S) launches on June 6, but we got an early look at the action-RPG during its beta period.

Diablo IV
(Credit: Blizzard)

Hello, Lilith

Diablo IV's story appears to break from the lore of past games. Instead of focusing on a Prime Evil, Diablo IV begins with the return of Lilith, the demon who created Sanctuary (the Earth-like world between the High Heavens and Burning Hells where the game takes place). A powerful angel, Inarius, appears along with her. The pair intended for Sanctuary to be a refuge away from the warring angels and demons, not a battleground.

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As a result, Lilith works to undermine the war. She’s a demon, so that means transforming entire communities into violent, blood-worshiping lunatics. Meanwhile, Inarius sees the entire situation as a prophecy that only he can fulfill by ruling over Sanctuary. The mortal forces that support him, The Light, are just as fanatical. It’s a setup that takes the already unsubtle idea of killing the devil and turns it completely on its head (while managing to be exactly as unsubtle as before).

Diablo IV
(Credit: Blizzard)

Diablo IV's Classes and Skill Tree

Like in previous Diablo games, you play a custom adventurer. After selecting an avatar from the barbarian, druid, necromancer, rogue, or sorcerer classes (with male and female choices for each one), you find yourself entangled in Lilith’s quest. The druid and necromancer classes were unavailable during the beta, so I focused on developing a rogue and a sorcerer.

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