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OpenAI Supercharges ChatGPT by Adding Web-Browsing Support

The web-browsing capability arrives through new plugin support for ChatGPT, with services including Slack, Expedia, Instacart, Shopify, and Kayak signing on.

By Michael Kan

Third-Gen Framework Laptop Gets AMD Ryzen, Intel 'Raptor Lake' CPUs

The 13.5-inch model also gets a better battery, a matte screen, and louder speakers.

By Michael Kan

Secure Your Data for a Worry-Free Tax Season

LifeLock helps safeguard your private information, monitoring your data in the places you can't.

By Sponsored by Norton

Framework Adds 16-Inch Laptop Model With Attachable Discrete GPU

The 16-inch model can also be modified to include a number pad on the keyboard. Framework plans to start shipping the product later this year.

By Michael Kan

Will EVs Break the US Electrical Grid? Not With These Changes, MIT Study Says

EVs will certainly tax the US electrical grid, but there are ways to avoid a meltdown, according to MIT researchers, who push for more strategic charging at home and at work.

By Emily Dreibelbis

Dell Latitude 9440 Hands On: LED Touchpad and Sleek Keys Make a Cooler Business Laptop

Modern design features elevate this updated business laptop. Check out our hands-on impressions of this lean office machine.

By Matthew Buzzi

SEC Fines Lindsay Lohan, Jake Paul, Lil Yachty, More Over Crypto Promotions

The SEC alleges the celebrities received payments from entrepreneur Justin Sun to promote cryptocurrencies without publicly disclosing the compensation.

By Michael Kan

WhatsApp Makes It Easier to Keep Randos Out of Communities, Search for Friends

Admins get more control over who joins chats, and users can more easily confirm connections.

By Stephanie Mlot

What's New on Hulu in April 2023

Hulu's not fooling around with April: The streamer will feature new movies, TV shows, and more.

By K. Thor Jensen

Click to Cancel: FTC Wants to Make It Easier to Dump Subscriptions

Ever had to call to cancel a subscription you signed up for online? A proposed FTC regulation would make it as easy for you to drop a service or membership as it was to open one.

By Rob Pegoraro

And the Oscar Goes to, ChatGPT? Don't Bet on It, Writers Guild of America Says

The WGA seeks to regulate the use of AI to ensure writers' compensation, residuals, separated rights and credits are not undermined, but its use would not be banned outright.

By Stephanie Mlot

ChatGPT vs. Google Bard vs. Bing: Which AI Chatbot Gives the Best Answers?

We asked chatbots from OpenAI, Google, and Microsoft to answer the same set of six questions. Here's how they differed in performance, personality, and precision.

By Emily Dreibelbis

No Waitlist: SpaceX's Starlink Frees Up Capacity on US West Coast

Starlink's waitlist disappears across Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, and Colorado.

By Michael Kan

Hands On With Lenovo's Buget-Friendly LOQ Gaming Laptop, Starting at $899

We check out the LOQ 15i gaming laptop, a sub-$1,000 member of Lenovo's affordable new LOQ brand. It debuts alongside other LOQ models and some fresh high-end Legion machines.

By Matthew Buzzi

Soup, Salad, and Biometrics? Panera Rolls Out Amazon One Palm Payments

Panera is adding the option to pay with your palm at two St. Louis restaurants, with more to come.

By Stephanie Mlot

OpenAI Confirms Leak of ChatGPT Conversation Histories

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman blames the exposure on 'a bug in an open source library.' A patch has been released, but the chat history sidebar remains inaccessible.

By Michael Kan

10 Games That Would Make Great Movies

Once you've gone behind the scenes with Apple TV's 'Tetris,' check out these other fascinating video game backstories.

By K. Thor Jensen

The Future of Audio on Your Android: Inside Qualcomm's Snapdragon Sound Lab

I visited Qualcomm's audio development lab in San Diego to hear some of the newest tricks from Snapdragon Sound, like lossless audio over Bluetooth and head-tracking spatial audio.

By Will Greenwald

Nvidia: We Won't Sell to Companies That Use Generative AI 'To Do Harm'

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang also tells reporters that he supports governments stepping in to regulate generative AI programs, such as ChatGPT.

By Michael Kan

NASA Seeks Student Solutions for Controlling Lunar Dust Clouds

College and university students can enter the Human Lander Challenge with ideas about managing or preventing dust clouds on the Moon caused by spacecraft.

By Stephanie Mlot