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The Phones Have Ears: Americans Fear Their Tech is Listening

A new poll indicates the younger people are, the more they worry—but even 40% of boomers think it's happening.

By Eric Griffith

Online Oversharing: Most Americans Think People Post Way Too Much

Political views, bodily functions, and even death—here are the most overshared topics online, according to a new survey. The number-one culprit? Parents can probably guess.

By Emily Dreibelbis

Beware Phishy Emails: These Are the 50 Most Frequently Spoofed Brands

Is that email from your bank legit? FedEx? The IRS? Probably not. Don't fall for messages that provoke panic and never, ever surrender your personal information.

By Chandra Steele

More People Are Freaked Out by AI Than Excited About It

A new Pew Research Center survey indicates half of us in the US are aware of current common AI uses, but only 30% can actually pinpoint where it's being used now.

By Eric Griffith

Tech Support Snafus Cost Companies Almost $5K Per Employee Each Year

Seventy-three percent of remote employees say tech issues bog them down on a weekly basis, compared with 22% of in-person workers. Here are the top IT problems, according to a new study.

By Emily Dreibelbis

Need Followers? Here’s How to Post Like a Kardashian

Using eight years of Instagram data, social media expert Liz Hagelthorn analyzes what makes Kardashian-Jenner posts so irresistible. And it holds lessons for us all.

By Chandra Steele  & Kim Key

Easy Money? AI Startups Rake in the Cash (Even Before ChatGPT)

By 2021, before Dall-E and ChatGPT were household names for the nerd-set, investments in AI and machine learning operations were larger than the GDPs of some small countries.

By Eric Griffith

ChatGPT Is Growing So Fast, It Now Attracts as Much Web Traffic as Bing

Users in India are the second biggest source of traffic for ChatGPT, behind the US, according to web traffic analytics provider Similarweb.

By Michael Kan

Nobody Wants to See Dr. ChatGPT

The Pew Research Center finds that most of us don't trust AI to be involved in our healthcare.

By Chandra Steele

All It Takes Is One Good Show to Hook Streaming Subscribers, But Which One?

A new survey of the top streaming shows and movies nationwide also reveals the percentage of people who subscribe to a service to watch only one series or movie, then cancel.

By Eric Griffith

Million-Dollar URLs: The 7 Most Expensive Website Names

The most coveted corners of the web are not cheap. A new study reveals the priciest website purchases on record, including a few that turned out to be a waste of money.

By Emily Dreibelbis

People Are (Rightly) Concerned About Data Privacy for Women's Health Apps

According to a new survey, five of the top 10 most potentially problematic apps were period- and pregnancy-tracking apps.

By Chandra Steele

Delete This App: Which Apps Do We Most Want to Ditch?

Newer social platforms such as Mastodon and BeReal saw spikes in active users last year, but some of the most well-known apps took a nosedive, a new study finds.

By Emily Dreibelbis

ChatGPT vs. Google Search: In Head-to-Head Battle, Which One Is Smarter?

Preply had a research team create 40 questions to test the language skills, comprehension, and fact-finding abilities of ChatGPT and the Google search engine.

By Eric Griffith

Half of All Daters Can't Tear Themselves Away From Their Phones

A little over 50% of daters say they forgo looking at their phone on a date night. That does leave 49.6% who find their attention is drawn to their phone, though.

By Chandra Steele

Illegal Super Bowl Streaming Is a Security Nightmare

Football fans worldwide stream the Super Bowl, many illegally, making it easy for unsafe sites to collect your personal data and install malware.

By Emily Dreibelbis

Startup Success: Laid-Off Tech Workers Are Becoming Their Own Bosses

Don't get mad—get even. A survey of over 4,000 tech employees laid off during the pandemic finds that many founded their own companies and are raking in more money as a result.

By Emily Dreibelbis

How Online Retailers Trick You: Can You Guess the Worst Offender?

Research into deceptive designs (aka ‘dark patterns’) reveals that top online retailers—particularly the one we use the most—are using duplicity to bilk you out of your money and personal data.

By Eric Griffith

Sharing Passwords With a Partner: True Love or Big Mistake?

Here's why 81% of Americans share passwords with a partner—and what happens after a breakup.

By Emily Dreibelbis

The Worst Data Breaches in 2022: Were You a Victim?

One Big Tech company made the top-ten list twice, reports the Identity Theft Resource Center.

By Eric Griffith